The success story of India’s most loved comedian

Source: Kapil Sharma’s AMAZING journey from a Small Town Boy to a Bollywood Star


Every celebrity from the film industry tried their luck on the Television for the past decade. Some of them were immensely popular and few of them were total disasters. The concepts varied from asking questions to the guests, judging reality shows, adventurous shows, cookery shows and the list goes on. However Aamir Khan is the actor who hasn’t ventured into the small screen yet. From the time he announced his Television debut  the curiosity among the people increased day by day. Thanks to Aamir, the concept of the show was a well guarded secret. News carried out that it could be a travel show. Like millions of people, I too was curious to watch the show. Finally the day has come and with high expectations I tuned in the Television to watch Satyameva Jayate.   

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The opening scene was Aamir Khan sitting all alone near the seashore. The words by him were heart touching. He is true when he says that our country is developing a lot but on the other hand there are a few dark secrets which everyone would like to ignore. And this show is all about speaking about those harsh realities. Immediately this was followed by the amazing title track which is still lingering in my mind. So far so good. Aamir enters in a hall comprising many people. Aamir Khan invites few women and they narrated their sad plights. All of them have a similar thing to say – Female foeticide and their humiliation by their husbands and in-laws. Many assume that poor and illiterate people from villages practise this female foeticide. But it is revealed that not only them but also people from metros who hail from affluent families also resort to sex determination test. One alarming fact is that 3 crore babies have been put to death in the mother’s womb in the recent years. This resulted in the decreasing female child ratio and this is definitely going to be a big threat in the future.

 One shocking practise is also revealed about the wife sharing among the brothers in Haryana. This is happening because there is dearth of girls in that region. This could spread to other parts of the country. The country would be in chaos if this menace is not put to an end. If we delve deep into this female foeticide it could happen only through a doctor. What is more saddening is that doctors run this as a business. It really couldn’t be understood how doctors who are highly revered could stoop to that level. Why can’t we take a leaf from Korea where the Government punished such kind of doctors. Why cant the Government of India take stern measures against the doctors in first place.

 Two reporters who held a sting operation on such doctors were also present in the show. It operation revealed more than 100 doctors who are still practising! But still they are not punished because the case is still pending in the court. Arrest warrants have come against the reporters who had carried this sting operation. This is the state of our country where the criminals(the doctors who practise female foeticide) are left scot-free and the brave reporters are sent arrest warrants. It is seven years since this incident has been reported and no action has been taken yet. What is astonishing is that these doctors are still flourishing. Why not cancel their license just like the way Korean Government did to their doctors? That would definitely bring a drastic change to our country. The show not just covered the aspects of this problem but also cited an example for everyone to get inspired.

 The location is Nawanshahr in Punjab. The deputy commissioner of the place Mr Krishna Kumar started the initiative against the female foeticide by rallies, movements and by creating awareness among the public. Now the ratio of girls and boys in Nawanshahr is equal. There is a lesson to be learnt here. This small village has turned out to be a role model for the rest of the country.

  On a concluding note Aamir Khan request the viewers to send SMS in support of setting a fast-track court to hear the cases related to the sting operation done by the reporters Meena Sharma and Shripal Shaktawat. Something which is more refreshing is the amount collected from these SMSes will be donated to charity. The episode has left an impression on its viewers. We need not be mere spectators to the harsh realities of our society. The least we could do is to send SMS so that immediate action would be taken on the culprits. I have already sent it and am sure if you would have sent it as well if you happened to watch the show.

 Just like the novelty in his movies, Aamir Khan’s Television debut also turned out to be promising. What is more heartening is that a celebrity has entered the Television series not just to entertain and earn quick bucks but also to curb the menaces in our country. No doubt Aamir is definitely one of the most responsible celebrity citizen of our country. “Satyameva Jayate” could very well  turn out to be a big movement in the country. This is not just a reality show but a show which deals with the harsh realities of our country. Hats off to you Mr. Khan for dealing such sensitive issues. Your Television debut is historic and bang on the target. By the way whats the topic for the next week? Let’s keep guessing and get ready for the surprises!


When someone asks “Name a person with great leadership abilities” many people tend to pick out cricketer’s or politicians name. However there are leaders whom we meet in our day-to-day lives who possess all the traits of a great leader. Mohammad Farzan is one of them. I was fortunate to be lead by him though it was only for few months. I have worked under many leaders in my career span of nearly 6 years (in BPO and E Publishing industries). I can strongly say that Farzan is simply the best. This is not to under-estimate other people but this man is a perfectionist. Rarely do we see such people in real life. Farzan was never indulged in yelling at people or humiliating them in any form. But this is not all. There is a lot more about Farzan – A friend, philosopher and guide. He was down to earth and very friendly, gave valuable advice and guided the team very well.

The first thing about him is that he never ever showed that he was the boss. One can approach him for any problem and he followed it up until it is completely resolved. A team consists of different kinds of people and the way he handles all of them looks effortless. Sometimes this makes me wonder whether some people are born leaders. Not only that one can ask him questions about any topic (outside the process as well) and surprisingly he can answer them in detail. He used to explain with examples in spite of the fact that he has loads of work to complete. I just used to wonder how a person can have ocean of knowledge. Yes I mean it “Ocean of Knowledge”.

Another skill of him is to motivate people. Farzan had the knack of accurately analyzing the strengths and weakness of a person. He just motivated his people by reinstating that these are the strengths and if proper effort is put, it would yield good results. And he was never biased towards anyone. I was surprised to see the amount of his knowledge in the process as well. I could recall some of the managers stating that knowing everything about the process wasnt part of their job and managing people is their main focus. That could be true to an extent but Farzan is different. He just left no stone unturned and his quest for knowledge just remains unquenched. Another remarkable characteristic of him is the ever optimistic nature. I had never seen him talking negative about anything. I feel that I am very lucky to have worked under such a leader.

I had asked him innumerable questions about leadership and answered all of them patiently. I also had few doubts whether leadership is about commanding people. He right way said No. He had never done that. Farzan was full of confidence and a perfect planner as well. Well, such a talented person will definitely go places and he was promoted as the Strategic manager very soon. That was a great achievement for him but the team members were disappointed as his leadership would be hugely missed. Before leaving the team he had sent a mail to the team members. If I remember correctly that was an excel sheet in which there are 2 columns. One column includes the points that one liked in his leadership and the other column about his areas of improvement. A leader analyzing himself by asking his weakness to the sub-ordinates! That was really amazing. Not everyone could dare to that.

When I informed him that I was looking for a career related to writing, he provided all the information about it. Till then I was unaware of Google ad sense, but he gave in depth details – how many cents are paid, the pros and cons of web writing etc. Just a proof about his vast knowledge which I mentioned earlier. He also asked “Are you passionate about it?” This statement is just enough to show that his passion towards his work has taken him to great heights in his career. I could find a striking resemblance to the character of Rancho in 3 Idiots where the protagonist says “Don’t run after success, Run after excellence..”. Just like Farzan who is crazy about excellence. After few years if he becomes a very famous person in any field he chooses, I won’t be surprised because I just know that he has that potential. In spite of trying hard I find it tough to put all his leadership skills in writing.

As the saying says “No person is indispensable”. But Farzan’s presence is a big asset for any organization. On a personal note I feel that a person of this calibre shouldn’t be limited only to corporate office. He could very well be a leader for the common man or initiate any social cause. People will be glad to follow him. However the big question is “He should be passionate about it!” Farzan’s dedication to his work and handling the problems always inspires me.

My first visit to the cricket stadium was very thrilling. Right from my childhood I just wondered how the experience of viewing the cricket match in the stadium would be. I was grown up in a small town. So I couldn’t go to the stadium at that time. Though I stayed in Chennai later for nearly 6 years, somehow still I did not watch a cricket match in the stadium. Finally I got a ticket to view the IPL match between Royal Challengers Bangalore and Delhi Dare Devils. The venue is famous M Chinnaswamy stadium,  Bangalore. The name just strikes me the 1996 World Cup quarterfinals. I could still recollect the India Pakistan match which was held here. That was the time when I was catching up with cricket. The memories of that match which I watched in a black and white television are still fresh in my mind.

Panoramic view of M. Chinnaswamy Stadium, Bang...

Panoramic view of M. Chinnaswamy Stadium, Bangalore (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

With lot of curiosity, I entered into this historic ground. The match was supposed to start at 4 PM and I reached the stadium by 3 o clock. As soon as I entered I could find the players practicing. Chris Gayle was the first person I had seen. The crowd were cheering loud for him. Then I searched my place and settled down. In my view the ground wasnt too big.  But the stadium was majestic. It was looking very grand and the cheering of crowd only livened the atmosphere there. Meanwhile Delhi Daredevils won the toss and decided to bowl first. I found out that only through the giant screen as the captains converstaion was not at all audible. The players were busy practising as there was still 30 minutes for the play to begin. The Daredevil bowlers were practicing hard. I noticed Irfan Pathan’s bowling. The ball was traveling at a bullet pace contrary to what we watch in the television. Batting under such bowling is no child’s play indeed. Sachin Tendlkar is really a gifted player. Otherwise how could he face Wasim Akram and Waqar Younis at the age of 16!

The match began and Chris Gayle was not included because of his fitness. I was a bit disappointed as I could not witness his Gayle storm innings. Wickets were falling at regular intervals. Barring AB De Villiers none of the batsmen really scored and his knock turned out to be the turning point. But the RCB innings got over quite quickly.  As we know T20 cricket is just like that – super fast.  In the break time I made a mistake of standing in the Que for dinner. By the time I returned back 4 overs were completed. That was a big regret as I missed out Viru’s batting(Though he got out in the first ball).  My only regret was my improper planning for the break. Meanwhile Delhi never looked in contention while chasing and wickets were falling at regular intervals. The energy of the crowd was just going higher and higher with loud chants “RCB RCB RCB….”. Also the players names when they were standing near the boundary line.  Meanwhile the match was over and I felt like “How come? It started just now!!”

I realized that this is 20 20 cricket and a One day international would be very much satisfying to view in the stadium. Meanwhile looking back into the match that crucial knock of AB de Velliers was the savior for RCB. If he too got out for a low score or Irfan Pathan’s bowling  wouldn’t  have been that expensive,  the match would have been the other way round.  Nevertheless I was not disappointed with the outcome as I didn’t go to support any team but to just witness the play of some cricketing greats.  I wonder I may be addicted to watching the matches in the cricket grounds from now on.  My first visit to a cricket stadium is really memorable and under flood lights the stadium just looks more beautiful!

Rahul Dravid’s retirement from international cricket only saddened the cricket fans. That is mainly because he belongs to that rare breed of batsmen who applies all the traditional techniques of batting. Test cricket is considered to be the purest form of cricket as it tests the player’s temperament, skill and ability for long hours. Who else apart from the great Rahul can fit into this format of the game? It only looked that this format of the game was tailor made for him. Rahul Dravid’s rock solid defence only frustrated the opponents and is a text book learning for aspiring cricketers. Generally many batsmen have good home record. But the wall is in complete contrast to that. He only performed better in much tougher conditions, for example the 4 test series against England in the last year where he was the lone successful Indian batsmen. It would be tough to recollect his triumphs because they are not just 1 or 2. Over the past 15 years his commitment to cricket is commendable.

It wasnt a cakewalk for Rahul Dravid once he made his international debut in 1996. His slow scoring rates in the One Dayers didnt impress many. In the first sixty five matches his strike rate was around 63. His selection for the 1999 world cup in England was doubtful. But the wall was determined to play in the world cup. As a result he worked hard on adapting to the shorter version of the game. The result – Rahul Dravid was the highest run scorer of the tournament. This transition only shows the hard work he put to reach to that position. From then there’s no looking back. He molded himself into different roles – one of the most prominent role was that of a wicket keeper. He did a fantastic job with the bat and the gloves as well not to forget the fact that he was not a regular keeper. Even his record as a captain is glorious as well until the 2007 World cup. The Indian Team was out of the tournament in the pre-liminary round itself. The blame is now on the captain and Rahul Dravid’s one day career was almost over. That was really unfortunate as he is not an ordinary player. He scored more than 10,000 runs in the one dayers. He adapted very well to this format of the game but the selectors conveniently ignored him. His recall for one dayers in England 2011 only proves the class of the player. He surprised everyone even in the T20 match where he hit 3 consecutive sixes. And he was just 38 years when he was playing that kind of explosive cricket! Anyone would easily agree after the England tour that his one day career ended earlier than it is supposed to be.

Rahul Dravid is not just a great cricketer but a fantastic person as well. He always played the game in the right spirit. He never indulged in sledging but he was a victim of one. It happened against South Africa in 1997 when he was quite a newcomer. South African pacer Allan Donald couldnt bear the onslaught of Dravid as he was guiding his team to victory. Donald racially abused Dravid and Dravid was out few overs afer that. Donald even later tried to justify his act by stating that he was carried out in a typical fast bowler’s fashion. Another cricketer who abused the great wall was Michael Slater. He was no one if compared to the accomplishments of Rahul Dravid. But he didt lose his cool. That’s the difference between these players. I read a recent interview of Dravid in which he stated that the toughest bowlers are those who focussed only on their bowling and their intensity could be visible. He regarded Curtly Ambrose and Glen Mcgrath as the toughest bowlers. Dravid also added that “There were a lot of guys who would shout, stare at you, and swear. But you knew they did not have the stamina or the fitness to survive till the end of the day.” Maybe he was referring to Allan Donald and Michael Slater who resorted to these cheap tactics!

Rahul Dravid has really been the unsung hero of the Indian cricket team. He can bat at any position as per the team’s requirement and don the wicket keepers gloves when required. Unfortunately his glorious cricketing career has come to an end. Every cricket lover would definitely miss this classic batsman. One can only thank this gentleman for entertaining through his stroke play, and being a role model to the youngsters on how not to get carried away with the success. The only saving grace right now is the IPL 5 where we can still see the legend captaining Rajasthan team. I am sure many people would watch the Rajastan Royals matches only to see Rahul Dravid in action. But when India plays the next test, everyone would definitely feel the emptiness left by the great wall of India – Mr.Rahul Dravid!

Sudhir Kumar Chaudhary, an ardent fan of Tendu...

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For all the Sachin Tendulkar fans, the year-long wait has finally come to an end. It in fact took a bit longer for the master to achieve this feat. He had come close quite close a couple of times but luck didn’t favour him. However he looked very determined to crack the ton as speculations of his millions of his fans were only increasing. It was the match against Bangladesh and like every match everyone hoped that the record would be broken this time. Bangladesh won the toss and elected to field first. Sachin looked rock steady in his innings. But to my surprise that was a different Sachin Tendulkar batting(I am not referring to his new hairstyle).  He seemed to struggle a lot to score runs and took unusually long time to score a century. The pressure of the ton was clearly visible in his innings. However when the second batting power play was taken he was in his eighties and India has lost just 2 wickets. This was the perfect time for the onslaught as the team had plenty of wickets on hand. This was the time to boost the run rate. However the master blaster seems to be in no hurry. As a result only 34 runs were scored in that 5 power play overs. That was quite low for the team which had good batting depth and few big hitters down the order. Sachin finally reached the landmark in the 45th over I guess and got out. Dhoni and Raina tried their best to put up a challenging total. My strong feeling is that India could have definitely made 20-30 runs more if they started the attack from 40th over at least as there were many wickets in hand.

289 is indeed a challenging total and the bowlers leaked too many runs in the final overs. Bangladesh eventually won the match. Any Indian cricket fan would be disappointed at the way the match was lost. The first thing that comes to our mind the slow batting of Sachin Tendulkar in that match. I am a die-hard fan of Sachin and I had never criticized him. But this time I couldn’t stop myself on blaming the greatest batsman. Okay cricket is a team game and the bowlers need to do their job as well. But when exactly bowling was our strength? Indian batsmen are unstoppable in these pitches and some attacking play by the little master would have fetched the team some more runs. At the post match press conference Sachin told that the ball wasn’t coming to the bat in the first innings and 289 is a competitive score against any team. But Dhoni honestly accepted that the team fell short by a few more runs as one of the reason. In the very next match against Pakistan the team needed to chase above 320 runs and Sachin came to the rescue and started the attack before Virat Kohli destructed the opponent’s bowling. Sachin Tendulkar made a quick-fire half century. That was the Sachin Tendulkar we all know. Each and every shot was a treat to the eyes. This just showed that he still has that fire under his belly. Another stunning victory for the team.  After hitting the winning shot, the captain didn’t exhibit any kind of rejoice as the place in the final was still doubtful.

All the fans were very relaxed after the India Pakistan match as the team was almost through the finals. Just a formality to be completed that Sri Lanka needs to beat Bangladesh. Ex-cricketers opined that it would be tough task for Bangladesh to beat 2 big teams back to back. But the Bangla tigers shocked everyone by winning the match against Sri Lanka as well. Of course it was a spirited performance by the team and their hunger to win wsa evident. No one can take away the credit away from them. But the blunders of the India and Bangladesh are still haunting. Only if Sachin would have played at his usual self by not bothering about the 100, India would have definitely scored more runs. Of course it is very harsh to criticize a person who single-handedly demolished the toughest bowling opponents of the world. Who can forget the sandstorm innings because of which India entered the finals of the tri-series and shattered the Kangaroos again in the finals. Or the World Cup 2003 match against Pakistan where he took charge of the batting and scored 98 off 75 balls. He missed a well deserved century but he didn’t spare the world’s top fast bowlers at that time –  Wasim Akram, Waqar Younis and Shoaib Akhtar. Such was the class of this legend. One would definitely expect to score a century in that style.  I could still recall how we lost to Australia in spite of a magnificent innings of 175 from Sir Sachin. It would be foolish to blame him on that occasion. But this was a completely different scenario. Scoring 114 off 147 balls on a flat track was not  the Sachin Tendulkar we all know.

The slow pace of his innings  on that particular day cost Team India a berth in the finals. I repeat that he won many matches but this knock of him was easily forgettable and some countless number of 90s he made are more memorable. I am sure mere mortals could not achieve this feat and I doubt whether anyone could break this record. But Sachin should have given more priority to score quickly (in this match when he was in his 80’s) and number of deliveries he took to make it is definitely one of the reasons for the loss! Still I am a big fan of the master and want him to play for many more years. But I will cherish his countless memorable innings than this mega hundred as this this is not special in terms of the contribution to the team. Fans will anyday love to see that Tendulkar who destroys the toughest of the bowlers effortlessly and hope to see many such innings before he retires from One Day Cricket.

Today is the last league match for India in the ongoing trination series. After not so consistent performances Team India needed to win this match with a bonus point if at all they want to stay in contention for the finals. As I do not have Television in my room, I tuned into radio and was following the commentary. Sri Lankans piled up mammoth 320 runs. India needed to score this in 40 overs to get a bonus point. Like a typical cricket fan, I was expecting some miracle to win this match in 40 overs. I also hoped that Sachin Tendulkar would be the key. Though that didnt happen today, the opening stand of 50 runs in 5 overs set up a solid foundation for the team. I could recollect the 2003 World Cup match against Pakistan where Sachin and Sehwag scored a similar rapidfire 50 partnership.

India quickly moved to 97/2 in 10 overs. Wow!!This was the start the team needed to chase the total but both the openers were back to the pavilion. I had doubt whether the rest of the batsmen could really maintain that run rate. But Gambhir and Kohli’s solid partnership made sure that the team was on right track. Later Virat Kohli went on to score an unbeaten century to finish the match in 37 overs. I really didn’t expected that Kohli is a batsmen with lot of temper to stay till the end. Today’s innings is easily his best in his career. The disastrous performances of the Team in the previous matches could be easily forgotten now.

After completion of the match, I sill couldn’t belive that a team could chase 320 runs within 37 overs. Moreover the opposition were the mighty Lankans. At times strange things happen in cricket and today is one of those rare days. There is something to learn from this match as well that if one has a firm determination and would never lose hope, it would yield wonders. The batsmen were determined to score runs within 40 overs and they have done  it.

Now even if Sri Lanka could pull of a win against  Australia, Team India could still come back with their heads held high as they were part of a match that has surprised the entire cricketing world!